Brand : ZJchao

ZJchao Tarot Iron Man 650 Carbon Fiber 4 Axis Aircraft Fully Folding FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit Tl65b01

Recommended Configuration :(Please purchase separately) 1: gopro configuration (recommended) -180-250W Motor plus 20 A ESC the plus 4 S 5000 battery plus 10-12 inch propeller – Recommended configuration: micro single configuration (generally recommended) – 300-400W Motor plus 30 A ESC the plus 4 S 5000-10000 battery plus 12-14 inch propeller – Recommended configuration: SLR configuration (not recommended) – 400W motor plus 40 A ESC plus 6 S 5000-10000 battery plus 14-17 inch propeller Tarot Iron Man 650 Rack Supporting optional products: – Tarot 2212/920KV multi-axis high efficiency brushless motor / red TL9014 – Tarot 2212/920KV multi-axis high efficiency brushless motor / Blue TL9013 – The folding tripod TL68B11 of FY680 six-axis aircraft – The FY680 six-axis aircraft flip the battery rack TL68B14 – 650 carbon fiber four-axis battery plate TL65B03 of – 650 carbon fiber four-axis up and down cover TL65B04 – For 22MM TL65B05 of M2.5H5 hexagonal aluminum column – Dia 10MM 3K plain carbon tube (200MM) TL65B06 – The the M16 flight seat motor mount / orange TL68B08 – Dia 16MM 3K pattern matte pure carbon tube TL6809-2 – The M10 metal silicone damping Seat TL68B10 -16MM carbon tube folding the positioning seat plastic components TL68B04 – Four-axis, six-axis, DIY skid landing TL8201 – Dia 16MM carbon fiber GPS holder TL68B13


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