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TotaLohan Mx6 Pro Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit

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Why do so many of our customers say our Professional Series MX6 brightest LED tactical flashlight is the best and brightest flashlight they’ve ever owned?
Ultra-Bright: Ultra-bright lumen Cree super-silicon carbide, single-die, XM-L LED chip. Powerful enough to light up an entire room, or zoom-in on distant objects.
Batteries: (2) Premium TotaLohan 18650 3.7v lithium-ion batteries imbedded
5 Modes: Every function mode you’ll ever need at the click of a button. High, medium, and low beam selection. Bright tactical intruder strobe. SOS emergency mode. Versatile: Zoom-lens provides both “throw” (distance) and “flood” (wide coverage).
Durable: Water resistant aircraft grade aluminum body, quality lens, and premium tail switch engineered for years of use. Batteries rechargable up to 500 times!
Dependable: Your faithful friend at your side for power failures, car breakdowns, security, walks, camping, hiking, fishing, or any dark environment.
Size: Its compact design and balanced weight-to-size ratio make it ideal for all users. Small enough to practically fit anywhere, but large enough for demanding lighting needs
The TotaLohan FLASHLIGHT KIT includes everything you need:
– 1 x TotaLohan LED flashlight (5 Mode)
– 2 x 18650 Battery
– 1 x Battery Charger
– 1 x Mini LED flashlight Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
How to Use
1.Detach the cap from the flashlight and install the batteries
2.Press the button to turn on the flashlight
3.Flick the button to switch the lightening mode
4.Pull the dimmer forward / backward to zoom in / out
5.Install the batteries in the AC adapter and plug it in to charge.
Please do NOT run out the battery before charging, or it cannot be charged again !


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