Price : $24.98
Brand : Tekstra Brands

Tekstra Hubsan Spyder Micro Drone RC Quadcopter, Beginner Drone with Remote Controller, Magnetic Yellow

The Micro SPYDER Drone from Tekstra is ready to fly with a radio control transmitter, flight battery and USB charger, two sets of props, and two sets of rubber feet included. A 6-axis-stabilized flight controller helps keep the quadcopter safely in the air while maximizing maneuverability. In addition, the ability to flip and roll can be enabled with a press of the throttle stick. Experienced pilots can activate “Expert Mode” for even greater control. With a fully charged battery, the SPYDER can stay in the air for up to 7 minutes. Long Flight: Up to 7 minutes of continuous flight. Tiny In Size, Convenient in Nature: Palm-Sized Micro Drone only measures 4″ in size, which allows it to go virtually anywhere. Fully-Assembled Airframe: Comes Ready-To-Fly, meaning that the airframe is fully assembled and all of the essential components are included. Simple Controls: 6-Axis Gimbal Adjustable Sensitivity with Expert and Normal Flight Modes Easy Visual Orientation: LED’s allow for easy orientations when in flight FAA Registration: NOT required. Soar through the air.Simple easy controls allow pilots to manually control the roll and pitch lean angles and the heading with no throttle input needed. Simple Flight Control 6-Axis Gyro Technology makes it possible for excellent performance of flips and rolls by a simple push of a button. Hold down the right direction stick to perform each flip or roll in any direction. Using four specially miniaturized brush motors and advanced algorithms for the smoothest possible video. Safe & Fun The Spyder drone makes flying remarkably intuitive and easy. Perform extreme stunts, flips and tricks with easy-to-learn joystick combos. The 6-axis gyro provides simple stability, even in windy conditions.


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