Price : $29.95
Brand : Team Blacksheep

Team Blacksheep Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race Video Transmitter

New and 6S capable version, with 5V output for your FPV camera. Fully SmartAudio compatible – additional features include TBS CleanSwitch and TBS PitMode.Antenna Connector: RP-SMA Female Socket. The smallest and most powerful (800mW!) video transmitter the world has ever seen! It’s race ready with PitMode, a super-clean and interference free power levels and connectivity to flight controllers and other means of quickly changing channels. It can be connected directly to up to 6S of battery-juice and provides 5V output for your camera. It will filter the power and make sure you get clean video, even without being connected to a TBS CORE or TBS PowerCube. Main Features Smallest, lightest video transmitter on the market 2-6S input power supported Up to 800mW of output power Ultra-clean transmission (up to 16 pilots at once!) PitMode – power up your quad during a race Easy OSD, FC and RC channel changes, with fallback button menu Robust RF amplifier allows powering up without antenna for hours! Clean powerup and video switching CE certified Pitmode – Made To Race Zero interference even while powered up, it’s now a possibility! If you’ve ever repaired a quad during a race, you’ll know the frustrations of not being able to power on and test your system. With PitMode, we will reduce the output power to a bare minimum (way below single digit mW’s) and move to frequencies unused by race organizers


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