Brand : Olight

Fantac Olight S15R Baton

1.The S15R Baton is a very small, powerful 280-lumen LED flashlight featuring an intelligent multi-function side switch and powered by an economical rechargeable AA battery.
2.The S15R offers a total of four different power settings and a strobe mode.
3.With its slim hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body, the pint-sized S15R is easy to keep on hand wherever you go.
4.Stash one in your car, a pack, or wherever you might need a light, and with its included 5.rechargeable lithium-ion battery and compact Micro-USB charging dock, you don’t have to worry about bulky chargers or special cables.
6.Plus, you can charge your mobile device via the USB port at the same time as charging your light through the Micro-USB port.
7.The S15R also features a power indicator located around the side switch, which will glow red when your battery power is low.


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